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Whether you need a couple of shopfront windows cleaned regularly or need your home windows cleaned so you have a clear view to the outside world, 5 Stars windows Cleaning central coast service can provide professional Window Cleaning at an affordable price. We offer internal and external window cleaning and can even clean your fly screens, gutters, and glass pool fences. You can also ask your window cleaner to clean mirrors and light fittings and they can even remove cobwebs from exterior surfaces.

Why choose 5 Stars Cleaning?

Having serviced Melbourne’s home and offices for 25 years, we have the experience and knowledge to handle any window cleaning project. Our team of professionals will ensure peace of mind and security when we commence working on your property. Our tradesmen and women are TAC and WorkCover approved, and are screened and fully insured for any damages.

Glancing through filthy windows is like glancing through dirty glasses. Cleaned and shiny windows give an impressive look to your guests and customers. You may find fingerprints, dirt and other sticky substances on the glass window.

It gives an untidy look to your home. I have seen many people cleaning their window with vinegar, baby diapers, paper towels etc. but they couldn’t get rid of the debris stuck to the windows because it doesn’t wipe out the dust properly.

You have to look for a suitable solution. 5-star cleaning values your time and money. We will provide you cleaning and scrubbing services.  Our company is comprised of several professionals and experts who are here to help you anytime.

We use tools and types of equipment according to the size and height of the window. A quick risk assessment survey is conducted by our team so that they can check whether the window is in good condition or not.

In addition to this, we also provide you services to clean gutters, flying screen, mirrors, glass-based tables and many more. Not we only clean the exterior but also the interior of the window so that they can look bright and shiny and give you a perfect picture.

We use the finest quality cleaning products which you don’t have to rinse off. Our experienced team suggests your products to get the best results. We assure that your property will be in safe hands whether it is a glass or a light, we will take care of each and everything.

We have designed such a schedule that anyone can reach us anytime. We provide you services on daily basis, weekly or on special occasions as well. So, don’t hesitate to contact 5 Star Cleaning Services.

As a well-established and growing cleaning company, we respect our clients by providing them with the best professional service and customer experience in Melbourne. We:

  • …tailor our window cleaning services to meet anyone’s situation. We will talk with you about what needs to be done and the best way to approach it.
  • …provide our clients with a flexible schedule. Whether it is a one-off visit, a casual appointment or weekly or fortnightly timetables, we have options to cater for all.
  • …”stay out of your hair.” Our team of professionals will work around your lifestyle, ensuring that the job is completed in a respectable time frame, without our team getting in the way
  • …offer affordable prices to suit anyone
  • …ensure 100% satisfaction. If you have problems within 24 hours of our team visiting you, call us back and we’ll send the contractor back to fix the problem!
  • Don’t waste time cleaning your windows! Contact us today!

For the best window cleaning service in Melbourne, you can’t look past Meticulous Cleaning Services! To make a booking or for an obligation free quote call us today on 0420 598 595 or request a call back using our convenient Request a Quote Button located above!

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